Let food be the medicine and medicine the foodHippocrates, (c. 400 BC)


φ | food path is an initiative that aims to promote alternative and healthy food behaviours that nourish the body and the mind. Our team is located on the island of Lefkada, on the West Coast of Greece and operates all over Greece and abroad. We offer specialised services such as:




In φ we believe, that all of us are responsible of what we eat and how. Thanks to our origins and our connection with the natural environment, we seek to rediscover the lost balance and happiness that derives from a well-nourished self. In our cooking, we aim to use local ingredients, avoid refined sugars, industrial products, dairy or white flours and whenever we use meat, eggs, fish, yoghurt and cheese, we make sure they come from local farmers. We incorporate modern food trends from raw, macro, and vegan diets, creating a unique result. We always make an effort to respect nature cycles and use seasonal products.

  • Join us on this tasteful journey of rediscovering well-being through a balanced diet.


  FOOD EDUCATION A basic element of our philosophy is passing on the knowledge, educating people, young and old. Sharing what we learned so far and trying to make this world a little better by doing small-scale, everyday changes. Inspiring other people near us… Come on board! Follow our ‘food-path’ consciously and be an example to others. We organise seminars, where teachers and chefs talk about their experience and food philosophy, while putting hands on creative recipes. Foodpath Events & Workshops take place in various locations.

  • Stay tuned and you will discover what suits you best.


   FOOD WALKS  We organise seasonal Food Walks on the island of Lefkada, where participants have the opportunity to realise where the products served daily on our table come from, and how important it is to eat locally and seasonally. Food Walks include:

  • Harvesting Olives
  • Wild Herb Collecting
  • Traditional Cheese making
  • Wine making
  • Organic Vegetable Farm Visits
  • and more…

Food walks can be adapted for children and adults alike.