Change your Life Patterns through Nutrition in 7 days!

led by Karin and Rob Baank

29/06/2017 – 06/07/2017

Learn to cook delicious macrobiotic recipes and immerse into the macrobiotics theory and philosophy, while enjoying the sea and the sun. Start your summer feeling rejuvenated and energised after a week of macrobiotic eating and cooking in the West Coast of Greece, at our yoga house!

What is Macrobiotic

Hippocrates was the first to speak about Macrobiotics. The word  Macrobiotic comes from Ancient Greek and it literally means “Long (macro) – Life (bios) ”. “Long life” however as explained by the ancient philosophers is a broader concept that includes mental, emotional and physical aspects of the self and not just the physical body. The ancient greek philosophy on food transcended in time and space  and flourished through the “Taoism” in Japan.  Modern day macrobiotics is  a philosophy that follows a balanced and slow pace  lifestyle, combined with a dairy, sugar, meat – free diet. Macrobiotics draw on Oriental philosophy ( yin – yang ) , while valuing the importance of sustainable and local produce.

Macrobiotics dietary plan can be easily adapted to the everyday modern life style. During the week participants will learn about the basics of macrobiotic philosophy and try their luck, hands on, cutting properly the veggies, cooking on different temperatures and styles, using the salt to make pickles, and acquainting them selves with the production of special products like tempeh, Natto and Seitan and the basic ingredients of the macro cuisine. With easy step- by step recipes and tricks  we discover how easy it is to create a healthy balanced vegan eating plan , suitable for all the family members , adapted to the Mediterranean flavours.

What you will learn

Learn how to prepare delicious tempeh avocado sandwiches, Seitan medallions, and heart filling miso- soups, while tempting your selves with sugar-free deserts, by using as fresh products our home- grown organic vegetables and fruits .

The objective of the week is not only to learn, but also to experience the benefits of such dietary plan. Cleaning of the body will be combined with cleaning of the mind by optional daily meditation  and yoga sessions and other creative activities. Participants will also have the opportunity to arrange private consultations with the teachers.

Re-treat your self , brake your patterns, and never go back the same path !

Follow the footpath !


Karin Baank, has been into the macrobiotics for more than 30 years. She is a graduate of the Kushi Institute of Amsterdam and she has been working as an instructor and a main chef cook at Deshima restaurant in Holland. Nowadays she continues her journey in life together with her partner Rob also a macrobiotic specialist-, catering for groups and people who need their help and advice for better health and life and giving lectures and talks around the world.




Φ is an initiative that aims to promote alternative and healthy food behaviours that nourish the body and the mind.

Located on the island of Lefkada, and operating all over Greece and abroad, Φ offers its services, whether cooking on demand, catering, private dinners in secret locations, cooking classes and long term food retreats.

In Φ believe that all of us are responsible of what we eat and how. Ιn modern societies we seem to have forgotten the healing power our nutrition holds and we seek the remedy for disease elsewhere than on our daily table. Modern food industry produces food in a harmful way towards humans and the ecosystem. Our mission is to reverse the effects of the above, by inspiring people to adapt a different food behaviour. Thanks to our Greek origins and the connection with our ancestors and the natural environment, we seek to rediscover the lost balance and happiness that derives from a well nourished self.


  • Private room : 710.00
  • Double room : 590.00
  • Bed in Quadruple room : 480.00
  • What is included : ALL  teaching sessions, 3  daily meals,  accommodation.
  • What is not Included : International, National flights and  local transfers ,  private  consultations


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