Let’s Cook

Φ | Foodpath Centre holds an excellent team of Health Food Chefs who offer their services on the premises and beyond. The catering and cooking on demand services follow a plant-based diet & approach and are tailor designed to fulfil the special needs of each occasion.

Φ | Foodpath chefs can help you design your desired menu for any type of event, cook for you in secret locations, while they give special cooking classes during the summer months. Our chefs can travel anywhere & anytime in order to satisfy all your culinary needs. From your sailing boat to your villa, and from your birthday party to your corporate event Φ | Foodpath can offer high quality services that meet all budgets.

In addition to the chefs, Φ | Foodpath brings the best local, organic products, exotic fruits, and super foods just to your door, while designing a balanced menu. We love interacting with our clients to design the menu that best fits the occasion, the time of the year and the natural surroundings. Φ chefs can visit you for a day or for the entire season. Have a look at our indicative weekly plans to get an idea.

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