Foodpath Centre is open all year round and can host up to 12 people in its 3 unique studios. It also offers accommodation for larger groups off the premises of the Centre, while on the Centre itself there are also designated camping areas available. There is a daily breakfast served when guests are on the premises and extra meals can be arranged on demand, while in the Centre there is a coffee place and a little shop that are always open. There are no shops in the village itself or public transportation but our team tries its best to accommodate the needs of the visitors.

What to expect

All the studios are equipped with a small kitchen, and offer basic luxury to the visitor, which allows her/him to focus on the natural beauty of the land. Cell phone service is limited and there is no wi-fi or telephone on the premises, as a way of maintaining the serenity of the people and the environment.

All visitors are invited and welcomed to participate in the daily task’s routine of the Centre, such as gardening, cooking, wood collecting, cleaning etc if they wish, as we like to grow as a community. The outdoors spaces, the yoga deck, the wood oven and the gardens are free to use, unless there are booked for specific activities.

Once per week on the summer months we organise movie screenings in our open-air cinema and we offer drop in daily classes of yoga for an extra cost, as well as cooking classes and guided walks across the island. The last Sunday of every month the Foodpath Centre opens its doors to the public for a night of food and music from around the world.   

Please check our calendar to learn more about our annual retreats dates and special events. 

Pet Policy

On the Centre we have already two dogs living and taking care of the place, a male and a female which are kept free (not in a leash) at all times. While our dogs don’t tend to be aggressive with other animals/ or visitors, that does not stop them from being animals. Under those circumstances, all pet owners are welcomed to bring their pets under their own responsibility, keeping in mind the safety and piece of the rest of the human and animal beings on the premises.


Shared Triple Room
Double Room with private bathroom 
Double Room with shared bathroom …
Private Room …
Camping …
All room prices include breakfast; breakfast is not included in the camping price.