Hand-picked products

In Φ we are in a constant food quest after the pure ingredients and the real organic local products. The food industry, the environmental pollution and the harsh socio-political situations around the globe are making this task extremely difficult to achieve but on the same time extremely necessary in order for us and our societies as human- living organisms to remain healthy.

We travel around the countryside of Greece, visiting farms, vineyards, fishing villages, forests, talking with local people, going after that truly good product each area on a given time of the year has to offer. Through our quests we came down with some really special products (and people) for which we can guarantee of their origins, their amazing taste and quality.

These products are produced locally and seasonally across Greece from small-scale producers, sometimes, even from a sole family. They are available in small quantities and for a restricted amount of time. Most of our products do not include any packaging and come directly from the source. This for us is a sign of originality.

These hand-picked products are so good that we cannot resist in spreading the word out and sharing them with you*!

Bare in mind the list is seasonal and constantly updated:

  • Organic Chickpeas
  • Lefkada Egluvi lentils
  • Tzumerka wild mountain Honey
  • Nemea Olive Oil
  • Cretan Organic Wine & Tsipuro
  • Wild Greek Herbs (Vikos + Nemea)
  • Organic Spelt Flour
  • Wholemeal Tahini Spread
  • Chestnuts of Parnon Mountain

If you are looking specifically for a product, but you don ’t see it listed below, give us the difficult task! Maybe there is something we can discover for you. We always love traveling, and getting to know new places and ingredients to cook with.

*We ship nationally and internationally.