Retreats Management

Being retreat lovers ourselves, whether as participants or behind the scenes in the kitchen, we have had some of the best mind opening experiences all over the world while in “retreat” mode.

As the word suggests when someone “retreats”, his is pulling back. (Latin: ‘retrahere’). In contradiction with the negative connotations of the word “retreat” -as a military signal for withdrawal, -when someone joins a retreat his offering to himself a place of seclusion. By detaching momentarily from everyday life, we offer oneself space for inner growth, exploration and enjoyment.

Our experience though the years made us realise the need for an efficient retreat management so that participants benefit the most. When managing retreats, we work side by side with the teacher to help him go through the administrative and practical tasks before the retreats starts, and while the retreat is running, we make sure that everything rolls as planned. We believe that teachers have to be concentrated into the real essence of their teaching and not bother about the everyday practicalities that concern the group.

Moreover in many occasions we undertake the location scouting beforehand, in order to find the best location for the retreat to happen. We have an extended network of collaborators, all over Greece and abroad who offer fantastic venues to host even the most demanding retreats. Luxury villas, beachfront cabanas, secluded mountain resorts or even just the forest, can be your next venue!

Last but not least, we consider the food one of the most important aspects of a successful retreat. Food gives pleasure, joy, food is medicine, food is what gets you going through the day, and is something most of the participants quote and remember after   the retreat has ended. A balanced, healthy and organic nutritional plan promotes the well being of the participants and multiplies the benefits of each practice. In many cases we design special nutrition menus such as raw, macrobiotic, detox-fasting etc. Designing the menu comes together with logistics, provisions, shopping lists, transportation of the goods, scouting for organic farms near by etc.

You have an idea about an amazing retreat, but don’t know how to do it? Ask us! Have a look at some of our venues:

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