Sour and Sweet Catering

Have you ever dreamed of having your favourite food ready on your doorstep by an invisible friend?

Well, this is what the Φ does:

  • Birthday parties
  • Private parties
  • Corporate events
  • Weddings
  • Holidays celebrations
  • or just …

You name the occasion, we bring the food!

We can cater from 1 to 50 persons with healthy snacks, finger foods, sugar less deserts or a full course in a table setting, combined with natural energy drinks and non-alcohol cocktails. Organic Greek wine tasting and cocktail parties available on demand.

Φ catering comes as an alternative to ready-made food, with extra plastic packaging and standard taste. Consciously choose a balanced home-made food service full of nature’s delights and amaze your guests with real flavours. In case you are looking for something fast, try our lunch boxes and ready-to-go baskets, specially designed for different occasions, sailing, hiking, pick-nick etc. If you are more to something fancy and want to include alcohol in your event, try our Greek Organic Wine Tasting or the Cocktail Party Experience.