Vegan Deserts

Craving for some chocolate? You think it is unhealthy? No!

Cacao -under the classification name ‘Theobroma’– is considered a super food. As the word ‘Theobroma’ implies it is the food (broma) of Gods (Theo). Full of antioxidants, all cacao products are said to be effective in treating many health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, liver, bladder and kidney disorders, asthma, preventing wrinkles, pregnancy stretch marks and more. In Φ we try to take out all the harmful ingredients the conventional sweets consist of, keep all the flavour and add a bunch of beneficial for the organism ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, and healthy sweeteners in order to create amazing sugar – dairy free deserts, that actually do you good! Some of our more favourite recipes, such as our all -time-classic Φ cheesecake, are gluten free and RAW, giving a boost to your metabolism.

Don’t miss the:

  • chocolate avocado mousse
  • chia pudding
  • mocha vegan ice cream
  • the raw pumpkin pie
  • or the vegan baklava

Want more?

Desserts can be ordered separately, for example just a birthday cake or as part of a larger catering event.