The Village

Foodpath Centre is located on a small mountainous village, Neohori, situated at 3 km from the coastal settlement of Nydri on the East coast of Lefkada Island.  The village is of exceptional beauty and it’s a perfect spot to take some time off and unwind into nature. The Neohori village is a unique village since there are no shops, roads, or any type of public transport arriving there.

Once an abandoned village, in the seventies it has been discovered by a group of hippies who set up there a small community. The community grew and prospered, until times changed, and nowadays there are only few families of the original settlers still remaining.  Todays locals are a colourful mix of old time hippies, new age Greeks, inspired artists, and native islander alternative families. All together they leave in community and since 5 years their main project is the renovation of the old School of the village, envisioned to be a cultural center that will host different exhibitions and events. The warm heart and interesting history of its people, make a stay in Neohori an unforgettable and truly captivating experience.

With breathtaking views of the Ionian Archipelago and the colours of the sunrise, Neohori is a place that engraves the heart as no other.