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Hiking & Alpine Lake Hopping in Northern Greece

May 1, 2019 - October 31, 2019

Hiking and alpine lake hopping in Northern Greece. Pindos mountain range – the so-called ‘Spine of Greece’ is a vast complex of mountains, peaks, plateaus, valleys and gorges that traverse the Greek mainland from the Northwest to the Southeast. Pindos is considered as the southernmost extension of the Dinaric Alps and lies in the rugged and mountainous Epirus region. It boasts an incredible history and culture dating back to ancient times. During our 7-day trek, you will explore three of the highest mountains of Greece – Grammos, Smolikas and Tymfi – and their alpine lakes, remnants of the Ice Age. Dramatic high altitude sceneries and incredible landscapes will be a feast for your eyes! Locals in Greece call high altitude alpine lakes ‘drakolimnes’ (dragon lakes) because they are believed to have been created by dragons throwing stones at each other. Each ‘dragon lake’ bears the name of the monster that created it. We will aim to spot the Alpine newt Triturus alpestris, a very rare amphibian species living in these lakes, believed to be one of the few survivors of the dinosaurs’ era.


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