Cosmos – Ethnic flavours (seafood only)

Chef fee: 170.00 €
Food cost: 30.00 € p/p

Travel around the cosmos in a plate by choosing our Latin American or Oriental menu, presenting selected recipes from our favourite places.



• Breakfast: served either on table or self service, coffee, herbal tea, energy snacks, homemade

granola, puddings / or porridge, fresh fruits,

• Lunch: served on table (multi ethnic raw salads, grains, pulses, raw/ cooked vegetables, spreads,

optional fish dessert)

• Dinner: served on table (same as lunch)

Cleaning of the kitchen

Cleaning of dishes and around areas

Menu planning for the week

• Table service, dishes etc.

• Table presentations (different theme presentations)

• Shopping provisions and strategy of delivery of products in the destination of the client