Long Life – Macrobiotic recipes and philosophy

Chef fee: 150.00 €

Food cost: 25.00 € p/p

Experience a total change of eating patterns. Sign up for one week of macrobiotic eating respecting your body’s internal clock and try some of the most amazing ingredients coming directly from Japan fused with Greek olive oil.


• Breakfast: served on table: miso soup and sautéed veggies, grain porridge/pancakes, tea

• Lunch: served on table setting: balanced plate combining pulses, grains, seaweed, cooked and raw

vegetables, fermented foods

• Dinner: served on table setting: same as lunch+ desert

• Sweet vegetable juice and light snacks available through the day

• Special medicinal early morning and late night drinks

• Small talk on macrobiotic philosophy

Cleaning of the kitchen

Menu planning and list making of provisions for the week

• Table service, table clothes

• Shopping/ transport of provisions

Not included:


Cleaning of the dishes and surrounding areas where the food is served

Utensils/plates, table presentations

Alcohol Drinks