One Spirit Detox

Chef fee: 160.00 €
Food cost: 28.00 € p/p

Reconnect with your emotions and discover your hidden powers by boosting your brain with proteins and fats, taking out of your diet all conventional dairies, red meet and grains. Inspired by the book One Spirit Medicine of Eduardo Villoldo.


• Breakfast: served either on table or self service: green juice, proteins and fats (avocado, nuts, goat

cheese, eggs)

• Lunch: served on table setting: raw salad, wild caught fish, quinoa, seeds

• Dinner: served on table setting: same as lunch

• Protein snacks and green juice throughout the day

• Talk on One Spirit Medicine

• Cleaning of the kitchen

Menu planning and list making of provisions for the week

• Table service, table clothes

• Shopping/ transport of provisions

Not included:


Cleaning of the dishes and surrounding areas where the food is served

Utensils/plates, table presentations

Optional food supplements and remedies

Alcohol Drinks