Stone Building Workshop

We have been building with natural material in the last years and for the third time, we are happy to invite Mr. Mastromanolis to our venue. He is 77 years old and the last 53 years he is teaching around Greece how to build stonework without the excessive use of cement. In this workshop, we will be […]

Mini Eco-Building Retreat

Mini Eco-Building Retreat will give you the tools to heal your mind and body through eco-construction workshops, yoga, herbal walk and a range of engaging activities in nature. Say goodbye to sleepless nights. Say goodbye to hours wasted on Tinder and prepare for real, human connections. Refresh your mind and attitude with the help of […]

Mini Health Retreat in Greece

Mini Health Retreat in Greece is a weekly retreat that aims to guide you find your way to wherever you want to be in your life and to however you want to feel. It gives you the tools to heal your mind and body through art, yoga, herbal workshops and a range of engaging activities in nature. […]

Hiking & Alpine Lake Hopping in Northern Greece

Hiking and alpine lake hopping in Northern Greece. Pindos mountain range – the so-called ‘Spine of Greece’ is a vast complex of mountains, peaks, plateaus, valleys and gorges that traverse the Greek mainland from the Northwest to the Southeast. Pindos is considered as the southernmost extension of the Dinaric Alps and lies in the rugged and mountainous Epirus […]

Ionian Islands Walking Holiday

Ionian Islands Walking Holiday in Lefkada, Kefalonia and Ithaca is a 7 to 10-day walking holiday in the lush green islands scenery. It will offer you the opportunity to explore their overwhelming nature and dramatic coastlines with breathtaking views. This magnificent natural scenery consists of: old footpath networks, steep cliffs and stunning white beaches with […]

Mount Olympus & Meteora

Explore Mount Olympus, the highest and most famous mountain in Greece, home of the 12 Greek Gods, a place of ancient myths and history. Experience the diversity of the Greek mountainous landscape. Enjoy unspoilt sceneries with breathtaking views of Mt Olympus’ summits and deep gorges. Hike part of the E4 European path and Enipeas gorge. […]